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Benjamin L. Hall, III is the founder and owner of the law firm. He has been consistently voted a Texas Super Lawyer in the Texas.

Established in 2000. The law partner for whom the firm is named has been licensed to practice law in the state of Texas for more than 30 years. He is dual board certified in both personal injury trial law and civil trial law by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Our law firm focuses on trying complex personal injury and commercial cases. Most of our cases involve claims with substantial damages. Our firm motto is: "The Law Firm Where Right Wins Over Might!"

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a voice. Unlike other law firms, our practice is focused on personal injury law. We are dedicated to holding responsible parties accountable and helping our clients obtain just compensation.​

Our Values

At the Hall Law Firm, we believe that an educated client is our best client. So we will take the time to fully explain all of your rights, explore all of your options, and keep you fully informed about the status of your case as it progresses. Our legal team is always available to respond to questions and concerns and promptly returns all phone calls. No matter how large or small the case, our attorneys will work to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Above all, we will always put your best interests first.​

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping the injured recover physically, emotionally, and financially. We fight to achieve the best outcome for our clients and their loved ones. We don't settle for less; we settle for more!​


It is not enough to try and win cases. Clients want lawyers who consider them as part of the team; who keep them informed; who involve them in critical decisions; who give them the best possible advice; and, yes, who return phone calls and respond promptly to letters and emails. Our clients tell us that we also excel in providing the kind of service and representation they expect.

Flexible, Value-Driven Approach

In approaching each case, each team member is encouraged to have ownership of the clients and results. With our team’s experience, we effectively provide clients with the attention and commitment that they expect and deserve. We strive to provide a value-driven approach to each case by communicating and strategizing with our clients to meet their needs and goals.

Why Choose Hall Law Firm For your Legal Support

Our firm is focused on our clients’ demands for an exceptional legal service model that provides value. We understand that, for clients, value is not a mere hourly rate comparison. Value means efficient processes for tracking and reporting; creative approaches to reducing legal risk; enhanced cost certainty; and RESULTS.

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